Buildings for the Win

Architecture and style, craftsmen verses modern verses Victorian, etc. I don’t really understand architecture, but I feel like this would be a good break from the ranting about the research paper. Also, I’m tired and this seems a little easier than explaining how I feel about such or such aspect of this paper that I am forced to write for Humanities Core. *sigh* Anyway, lets talk about a building I spend a heck of a lot of time in.

Rowland Hall at UCI!

Between lab for the past 2 quarters, which is 4 hours long, and my Humanities Core discussion section that is an hour and a half long, this is the building that, aside from my dorm room, I have spent the most time in. Which I find somewhat humorous, as this is a building belonging mostly to the chemistry department, and to be frank, I really dislike Chem. I spend the most time in a building belonging to the department that I like the least.

Anyway, moving on! The building itself id large, bland in color, and in all honesty is just not that pretty, especially compared to other buildings on campus. I mean, look at this in the natural sciencesor this from the engineering department. Even though these buildings are also tall and imposing, they are in warmer tones, making them more welcoming, have more windows letting in more natural light, and just look a lot prettier overall.

Rowland hall was one of the first buildings at UCI, and so is done in the same style as many other early buildings, that being the brutalist/modern one. This fits the lack of window panes found on other, newer buildings, the strange coverings on the windows that are present, and the fact that the building is almost on stilts at certain parts, though this may also have to do with the fact that Aldritch Park and Ring Road have weird hills in them. Beyond that, the building basically just looks like a lot of concrete. It just looks like big slabs of concrete that have been joined together.


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