Stream on the Research Paper Part 2

So, y’all are probably not wanting stuff like this, but whatever. You get to deal with it (not that I think many people see this but whatever).

So, I had done this pre-writing page for class, and while I had two movies on it, I really only focused on the one. Which is sad, because I am still sort of debating which one I would really like to do. Act of Valor is a dark movie, mostly because there are some intense scenes, like torture and some combat scenes, but it is cool in its own way. Like, the people playing the parts of the military men are/were actual service men. I’m not sure if they are still in the military or not…I would assume not because their faces were on the screen for all to see, but you never know. I don’t remember if they gave their names in the credits…I should look into that…

So, at least according to  Wiki, the military kept the SEALs anonymous as much as they could for having their faces on the screen by keeping their names out of the credits. It did not say if the men were still active duty though. Everyone knows the guys were active duty when filming and stuff, but I need to keep looking to see if they are still active. And after looking at several other sites, I am unable to find info as to their current status. There were several sites talking about how the directors and such had to adapt to work with people who had never acted like this before, which seem interesting, but that was not what I was looking for, so I skipped over them for now. If I decide to use this movie specifically, I’ll definitely look at them.

Anyway, that is one of the movies that I am deciding between. The other one is Black Hawk Down, which was not made with active soldiers. But, it does have a better rating, so would be more interesting to see in theory. Also, there appears to be a lot written about it, or at least things that might pertain to this film. I haven’t checked yet for the other one, but I would hope there is a bit written about it too.

But what makes this whole thing even more fun? I have to choose a humanities field to come at it from. *sounds of frustration* I don’t like all these choices. Mostly because I am not used to it, so I really don’t know what to do with the freedom I have been given, but yeah. So I have to choose whether I want to research as a historian, art historian (like a film critic maybe? I’m not 100% sure on how this works with film. Images I sorta get, but not film), or one of several other fields that was named but that I don’t remember off the top of my head. We were told no psychology stuff though, and a couple of other fields it couldn’t be reported in. But for the most part, I have free reign. I may do more history if its the Black Hawk Down, because that is more based on an actual event, while the other is basically just a really fancy recruitment video for the Navy SEALs. I mean, not like I could really do a literary analysis on a movie can I? And while I could do some art thing, I am not really sure on how to do that. And I’m not sure which field to come at AoV from because its not history, I don’t know how to do the art analysis, and its also not a written piece for me to analyze. Hmm…. Well, for now I guess I’ll try to do some sort of historical analysis on Black Hawk Down. Beyond that I still have no clue. I’ll need to think more about this.


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