Stream on Research Paper (Spring #1)

So, this probably going to just be me typing what comes to mind as I contemplate what sort of topic I should do for this research paper I need to complete by the end of this quarter. What I don’t like is how unstructured the topic needs to be! I’m one of those people who loves structure, so the fact the prompt is basically “Yo, just pick a thing that has to do with war. Like, any item that has to do with war, including recipes for food and drink, are fair game, so have fun with that.” 

Yeah, I’m not happy with the lack of structure.

But on to what the heck I should write about. I’d probably want to do something with the media, because while i may not be the most social media savvy, I am on the internet lot. It’s probably not a good thing.So, something media related…but something that I can analyze, so I have to have known this media thing for a while, or I’ll just end up summarizing it. But what to do specifically…

…So my brain just decided a fun thing to do something along the lines of analyzing how Hetlalia treats war…which I am going to say no to, because that would be ridiculous, and there are so many other reasons to that this is just a big “No.” I mean, this is how they show some wars and fighting in general in this silly show:Yes you are seeing that right. The one guy with the pony tail (China) is beating up the guy with the pistol (Germany) and the dude with the katana (Japan) using a wok and ladle. This is supposed to represent some of the fighting in WW2. This is how they show fighting in WW2. Yeah, overall the show is funny, entertaining, and all that jazz, but how am I supposed to write a paper pertaining to war using this as a topic. Yea, not going to happen. Brain, stop with these silly suggestions.

Hmm…What else could I write about…I could write about something to do with a movie I have seen? Like the Patriot? But that is about a past war, and I’m not sure what I would do with it. Maybe Black Hawk Down would be better? I’ve seen that several times, and it has do do with actual events. I could talk about how the media modifies what actually happens in war? Or I could do a similar idea with the movie Act of Valor. That might actually be the best option. If I did BHD, I could link it to How to Tell a True War Story and almost debate whether or not this actually is a true war story in the sense that the story provides. Or, I could just analyze one of the two war movies, and possibly criticize how they portray war or act as propaganda toward the American public. It might be more fun to see how the BHD movie relates to the actual events though, just to see how much the media changes things…though they may not have changed a whole lot. Maybe AoV would be better for that second thing. I’ll probably do something like that then. I’m still not 100% sure on what to do, but the AoV thing seems the best for now. 














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