The Beginning of Another Quarter… (Winter Blog 1)

…and the beginning of yet another battle.

Anyway, since the beginning of the quarter, HumCore has focused on the civil war, and the racism that pervaded the era on both sides, even if the North did not have the institution of slavery. 

From previous knowledge I have (thank you APUSH), institutionalized racism still persisted in the US as late as the 1960s, around a century after the civil war, when all of this racism and slavery was supposed to have been eradicated.

Many people I know believe that racism is now non existent due to the actions of the federal government in both of these times. But is Racism really gone?

I would argue that it is not yet gone. For instance, studies have shown that many more blacks than whites will be randomly stopped and frisked by police. Even in New York City, an are with many nationalities, both whites and blacks say that the police force favor the white people. If Racism is gone why do these stats still exist? However, this is no one way street. Yes, black people are discriminated against. Yes, even Hispanics are discriminated against. But with the effort to correct this subtle racism in America, many black student groups have been pushing too far. For instance, so called minority “safe spaces”. Black students have been demanding, across several college campuses, for the institution in question to make a specific place for only those of color can go to, or hold events that only those of color can go to.

Now, before I continue, I am a minority student. I am Latina. I have brown skin. While I may never fully understand what black students or people in general have to struggle though, I do understand not completely fitting in. I attended a private Christian School my entire life, from preschool, to high school. This school was originally founded by the farm owners in the area…who were all Dutch. So, around 85% of the students who attended the school were of some white decent. I totally understand not feeling completely included.

However, I have never thought to create segregated spaces just for the minority students. Mostly because I think it is ridiculous, but that may just be me coming from a conservative background. But, when I really think about it, when I think about the civil rights movement, and the man we as a nation created a holiday to honor, I don’t think that its a good idea either. This man worked for many years to create equal opportunities for people of color. He fought for what was morally right. He fought to end the segregation of blacks, and to a lesser extent for the other minority groups. He fought to bring equality for all races. So it seems a blemish on this man’s memory to attempt to go and create the very things he fought to end. This man, Martin Luther King Jr. died, “so that the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood,” not for the sons of former slaves could create their own space and exclude the sons of the former slave owner. By creating so called “safe spaces,” could this neo-civil rights movement, actually be perpetuating racism itself by encouraging segregation?

Now, I’m sure that people would say that blacks can’t be racist. However, racism can be defined as “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.” And isn’t wanting to keep whites out of those safe spaces being intolerant of whites? Hmmm…

Again, I will never fully understand the struggle of people in the black community. But what many in the black community are doing to counteract racism against themselves is just more racism. And fire doesn’t put out fire.

Instead why don’t people treat each other like a person? Instead of whites denying blacks jobs based on skin color, look at experience. Instead of blacks excluding whites as a flipped version of the past, rise above that, and treat them as a fellow person. Be smart about correcting racism, and don’t become racist yourself. I know that this is probably never going to happen, because the world is a cruel place, but if even a few people started this, ripples could occur, and the world could be just that much better.  And don’t just sit back because it is the politically correct thing to do. Call people out on this. Call people out on any injustice they are doing. Then the world could be that much better.


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